Exploring the Micro-Study in Department of Microbiology FMUI


dept-micro1Department of Microbiology Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (Micro-FMUI) is recognized as an outstanding department in terms of institutional research facilities and high-qualified scientists. Not only specialized in clinical microbiology, this department also works in medically related environmental microbiology and surveillance study on various kinds of infectious disease which has become a major public health problems in Indonesia.
Micro-FMUI has responsibility for education, research, and public services in the field of microbiology. Educational activities for undergraduate students include basic clinical microbiology for medical student and health science student. Furthermore Micro-UI provides education for master degree on biomedical sciences, medical specialist in clinical microbiology and research for biomedical and medical PhD program in FMUI.
dept-micro2Micro-UI is also active in conducting research projects. In 2009, Micro-UI published some research reports with the topic of Dengue Virus, Bacillus subtilis profile of vaginal flora and acidity of Indonesian Women, and Antimicrobial susceptibility in patterns. Beside that, Micro-UI has planned several researches which will be started in 2010 based on ‘the research tree’. The titles of these researches are: Fever study, Development of Dengue Vaccine, Selection and Production of Anti-dengue Antibody Producing Hybridoma for The Development of Dengue Diagnostic Reagent, Identification and Characterization of The Bacteria Causing Acute Otitis Media Episodes in Young Children, Development of In-House Anti-retroviral Drug Resistance Test, and other researches.
dept-micro3Public services provided by Micro-UI include microbiology diagnostic test to identify and characterize etiologic agents from clinical specimens, as well as antibiotics susceptibility test, supporting infection control in hospitals, and consultation on clinical microbiology. Additionally, Micro-UI has been chosen by Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia as The National Referral Laboratory for M.tuberculosis (culture and direct antimicrobial susceptibility test) and The National Referral Laboratory for Antiretroviral (HIV-1) resistance test. Existing facilities are being used and developed for these purpose.

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