Department of Paediatric: Pillar for The National Children Health Improvement

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dept-pediatric1As one of the major departments in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia (FMUI)-Cipto Mangunkusumo National Hospital, Department of Paediatric always applies the Tri Dharma:education, public service, and research. In terms of education, this department continuously improves the quality of its graduates through a new medical school curriculum commonly called Kurfak 2005.
This department also contributes a lot in community service. There have been many medical staffs sent by the department to work at the site of disaster and remote area.
The Department of Paediatric is also actively conducts research projects. An example of research topic that gains particular attention is tropical health and infectious diseases. Currently, several studies are ongoing in this department. In relation to the topic of fever, there has been an ongoing study named Fever with Unknown Causes in Children 0-36 months.
Furthermore, there are many others ongoing research themes, some of them are The Systemic Mycosis in Malignancy, Role of CRP and Procalcitonin in Septic Diagnostics in Children, and others researches. Besides the themes above, there are also other studies with various topics such as HIV, antimicrobial resistance, and Streptococcus pneumonia.
To support all of the researches, Department of Paediatric provides an integrated laboratory supported by technology and competent human resources incorporated called the Paediatric Research Unit. This team’s job are gathering people who have good research ideas, collecting laboratory and field workers, and fundraising either from grant or research competition.
dept-pediatric2Establishment of Paediatric Research Unit is a way to achieve the vision of the Department of Paediatric to be a hospital which performs public service, research, and education. The existence of Paediatric Research unit is expected to be the primary support for improving children health quality in Indonesia.

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